Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Annabelle - Brow fiber gel ~ First impressions


I just recently got into the brow game, never really bothered me till I got older and started to notice I was brunette with blonde eyebrows. I do not nearly fill them in to get brows because I have them I fill them in to get dimension and to have some shape to my face.  With on top of filling my own brows in with the product, I do get them tinted and threaded for the maintenance and shape. With getting into the brow game, I just right now starting with gels and pencil's the 2 pencils I use are the NYX and Annabelle retractable ones. I tend to use clear and tinted gel's to get them to stay put, I'm hoping one day to get into the pomade but I'm not there yet.

This was using NYX Brow pencil to get the shape than using
the gel to fill and making them stay put. 


- $ 9.95 CAN be also found at any Drugstore and Walmart. 
- 2 shade ranges light/medium and medium/dark 
-Fiber-infused adheres to your natural hairs looks very natural 
- Adds great definition and volume to my brows, keeps them in place as well. 
- Spoolie is a good size and shape especially for my little brows, it would be great for beginners as well.
- Also great by itself it's a great natural look to them with out any other products.

Tie :  You need a light hand when using this product because it can go south real fast lol. I tend to put most of the product with the wand, than using a clean spoolie run it through my brows. 


- I wish it came in more shades right now there is only 2 I'm a lady that likes to dye her hair especially a red shade or Auburn would be great. But with this aside this product is new, hopefully, they come out with in-between shades.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Invisalign Story #3


If you're just joining the class now I've been trying to straighten my teeth since late October.  If you want to see other posts First story  and Second Story and catch yourself up before continuing with this one follow the links above.  If you are all caught up then here it goes I'm on tray 15 now and let me tell you the pain of my teeth is sometimes really painful. So painful with and without them in that eating crunchy/hard things sometimes hurts especially when I first take them out in the mornings.  Other than that my teeth have been on the move and I've noticed a difference already, and also my dentist is very happy with what has been going on in my mouth and I'm on track.

There has been something I've taken out and things I've added to my little go-bag. Don't carry little mouthwashes in your little bag unless in a baggy because if not the cold and bouncing in your purse may crack the lid and it will go everywhere ( couldn't figure out why my purse smelt like mint lol ) I've now switched to the little mouthwash sprays and the little toothbrushes that you don't need water to use. The little toothbrushes are great because they are pre-loaded with a little toothpaste which is enough to do the job, so you can put your trays in fast. Also, they have a pick on the bottom too, which I find works better the little picks/flossers.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

First impressions on MELT Cosmetics - Rust Stack


This brand has been on my list to try ever since I got into makeup. The brand that I'm talking about is MELT Cosmetics, who make the iconic stackable quads of makeup. When I heard they were having a deal on their site I had to jump to it. I always thought that for a quad it's a pretty cool concept that they all stack together and not taking to much space, like some pallets do with their bulky packaging. So I purchased their popular Rust stack which I have no shades or pallets close to it, also these shades are so interchangeable with other pallets I have.

I couldn't wait to try these once I got it in the mail, which so happened I got them on Friday so I could use it that night. My first thought on these was WOW little goes a long way and start off small and build up from there. With Urban Decay Primer Potion on my lids, because I'm an oily person there, these stayed on till I took it off with a wipe and wash my face. 

 The shades from lightest to darkest: 

CLASSIC - Soft vanilla shade that is matte, this shade was great to add to my inner corner and a transition shade.

ANTIQUE - This warm apricot shade is a great warm transition shade to help create a smoked out look. This shade reminds me a little of peach smoothie from Makeup Geek, an all around great transition shade to any neutral look.
RUBBISH - They have this online as a deijon mustard like shade, but I think it's a little more warm brown to be mustard whelm. This when it's blended is just a nice light warm shade with a hint of that mustard undertone. 
RUST - This shade let me tell you out of all of them, this one is my favourite. This red-brown more a brick brown is amazing and works so well with the other 2 shades to make a look and you could stop there.
ROTT - NOW LOOK AT THIS COLOR !!! this deep chocolate brown is stunning and will smoke out any look. It's very rich and I use small amounts and blend out and keep building it up, I work with it like I work with any black shadow. 
** Each stack of 4 comes with a little hand held mirror too