Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Polysporin - Lip Health ~ Overnight renewal therapy


I suffer from bad chapped lips all year around, does't matter what chap stick I use or if I try to keep on top of water. Trying to find a product that actually works is few/far between, I've tried most lip balms on the market. Between my BITE Lip mask and now this amazing stuff in a tub, is the only thing saving my dry pout. Also seeing that I've been using a lot of matte liquid lipsticks, putting a little of this under them makes them less drying.

I've been switching it up every other few days with my BITE Mask, and my lips have never felt this great. When they do crack or split now it doesn't look as bad as they use to, it would look like I got in a fight sometimes with how deep they would crack, sometimes they would swell because they went so deep. This stuff has been a real saviour to my lips it has worked so well, also the packaging is the cutest.

For more info and ingredients go check out the site 


- Is very moisturizing 
- Thick formula stays put on lips but soaks in really well 
- When you wake up your lips are smooth and soft
- Is light enough a thin layer to wear under matte lipsticks 
- Good price point in the drug store/walmarts it's under $15 CAN 

- It's in a tub ( Anyone with nails can relate ) 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sigma- Cleaning Glove


This gadget was bought under plan I saw it and I wanted it !!! Well I did my research on it first, and I knew it would help me out a lot when it came to cleaning my brushes. When I first came to know about this was when Sigma first brought them to their website. I was so excited because it was something I wanted, to see if it made my brush cleaning days much more happier moment. So I went through a mock checkout to see how much it would cost with S&H, and thats when it all changed my mind about it years ago. Now you say why did it changed my mind this is why went to the cart and did the shipping and handling ($14 CAN) the glove that is only $25 US is now about $45. Rant over now lets get to this amazing little gift to cleaning gods !! This was in our Bay for I believe christmas promotion they had a little Sigma stand. Had my hands on some brushes I knew I've heard good things about than I saw it, the thing I wanted for a long time. So I put down all the brushes I had and said SOLD !! Went to the cash and bought this little mitten to my mind was blown because I was looking at the same price online in my head, but the lady said that is $32 CAN I was like take my money !!!!

That night I used it on some face brushes that I needed to cleaned, and OMG life changer it is so much easier to clean my brushes.  All the little nib/bobbles get down in there and clean them very well, even got down in the stubborn spots on my kabuki brushes. It's so easy to use just rub your brushes all over the bumps and ridges even after rinsing to get their shape back. The mitt has two sides, one side is for your face brushes and the other is for you eye brushes. One side is more textured than the other the bumpy side I use for my thick face brushes, found they get deep in the hairs to clean easier.  Even when cleaning my eye brushes, made them super clean but keeping their shape, didn't loose any hairs either. So far only using this once so far I am very happy with it, because it is a time saver and simple to use. I found making a little dot of brush cleaner ( baby shampoo), dipping my brush into the cleaner and than working it in was the best way. Than I just turn on the water and work the brush back and forth with the water helping to clean from product and water.

So easy to clean the mitt too the water just washes everything away, no need to scrub the mitt from product after. I just laid everything down on my brush towel to dry, it took no time for the rubber to be dry. Also if you're not a fan of the mitt Sigma makes others to fit your needs or how many brushes you got! One thing I didn't think of but my friend did, because of the silicon you can easily stick it in your bag to travel with.

Do you have a gadget to wash your brushes, let me know what ones you use !!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fit bit !! - Charge HR


Recently got a Fitbit it has been something I've wanted for a while now.So when last years models were on sale I decided to treat myself ( doesn't really matter if it's the new model to me ). I chose to get the black version because I know it would go with anything, compared to the other colours they have also it was easier black they always have in stalk.

Charging → I find that I don't have to charge till about Wednesday, to get through to Friday. It does tell you what is your battery level on the Fitbit and on your phone when you pair via blue tooth. Charging takes no more than 2 hrs to charge the whole band, which is nice specially if your going to travel.

Tracks → Keep track on how many steps you put in through out the day, also it keeps track of your sleep patterns. Also keeps track of your heart beat while working out and not, I have it set on auto so it tracks my also resting heart rate. I turn it off when I'm not wearing it, I give my wrist a break on weekends.
↳ Also with this model lets me know who has called me or tried to. Other models it lets your know who has txt you also but not my model, it wasn't a key feature in my mind.

Customizable →  You get a view face choices on how you want to view the date/time. Where you set your goals and such. You have an app phone and app on your PC/Mac that you can just change it to how you want to few. You can also pick and choose alarms or noises to set when a goal is met.