Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Updated face products


WOW I've not done one of these for you in a while, thought it was time to share and updated face products. These are the products I love using in my day-day, some of these I just strictly use them at night. I tend to mix high-end and drug store because lets face it, we all don't have the money to do all high-end products every single time. I wish I could because I love some lines out there but Mr. Piggy Bank says a different story. I will be breaking down everything for you guys with a pro' & con, with a little babble on how I feel about it. Let me know below what are some of your favourite face care products are, maybe I'll check them out and you may see one of your favourite in my favourites !!!

I forgot my night face cream right now I'm using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer for all skin types.

Origins ~ A Better World Cleaner - I first started out with Origins Checks and Balance, found that was a little to squeaky clean. So after I was done that little tube I went to Sephora an said " I love this Checks and Balance but I need something in the middle." The kind worker handed me this and told me try it you will love it. HOLY COW do I ever it's everything I'm looking for in a good quality cleanser. I do a good size pea todo my whole face, I even use it with my Luna Mini 2. I get a good clean but not feel tight after, does't seem to dry out my skin. With trying this right off the hop it didn't break me out either which is odd but I'll take it, most new cleansers I get a few break outs till my skin gets use to it. I've had the tube for a while now about 3 months and I've not put a dent in how much you get. 

Garnier ~ Clearly Brighter day cream with SPF 15- This is one company that their products never let me down, love mostly everything they have from cleansers all the way between to creams and wipes. This is fairly a new product from them this spring/summer, and as far as using their other moisturizers this is my favourite. It's creamy and soaks into your skin so well and is very light and doesn't feel gross after a while or tacky feeling. The scent is like fresh green peeled grapes it's very refreshing in the morning, not to over powering scent either specially if your sensitive to smell. 

Kiehls Creamy Avocado eye treatment - First off I got this as a sample and I just finished it, and I will be getting the full size product. This creamy base product is amazing omg it feel so wonderful and hydrating under your eye. I have a gel eye cream and it doesn't even come close to this product and how it works and feels. If you looking for a good thick eye cream to help you under eyes, during the winter months check out this one. I had the sample for about 6 weeks and I just threw it out yesterday, last a long time. I also found by using this and not using and the difference in makeup application of make up with it was easier to blend than with out it or my other type of eye cream. I will be buying this or looking into a tub of it because I never knew I could love an eye cream is much as I do this one. 

Formula 10.06 Skin- brightening peel mask- This was an odd find I was in line at Old Navy when I saw this, I love peel masks and I thought I need this in my life. I love this mask and what it does for my skin, but the one downfall is I wish it was tinted. Ones you put it on your face you just look shiny than it dries like a pale white. I've gotten my hair in this so many times because its like a clear and cant' see it if I've hit my baby hairs. 

~ Twice a week I use a exfoliator as well, it switches between Neutrogena and a Garnier one. 

I'm in a need of a night cream, I'm looking for something anti-aging. I'm almost to 30 and want to start now, before it's too late. Please leave suggestions below on some of your favourite night creams !!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Saturday night makeup look


Hey ladies sorry I've been MIA for a while I've been so busy around the house, work meetings for September ( work with children). Than on top of all that my kitty cat got sick, he had to spend a night at an emergency vet and thats' been stressing all of us out. Even though he was sick my parents took care of him and I got to go out. Which was nice because I needed to get out of the house, I did this look on Saturday. I was going to a metal show at a local bar I go to with some friends, decided to do an old look but a goodie!!  I've done so many variations of this look but I'm very happy how this blends, and I find it's one of those that blends nicely over it heats up from your eye.

I find this look so fun todo and my go too when I can't be bothered to do another look, or have the energy to play with makeup and just want it to be done. Like I was saying it's very versatile you can switch up the shades, add a wing or smoke it out and its up to you which way you do it. Anything you would do differently let me know below !?

Items used  

Base/concealer :
Boscia BB cream in light
Garnier Dark Circle Corrector in Light/Medium

Eyes/brows and Mascara : 

Brows: Loreal brow plumper light/medium
Shadow outer corner : West and Bewitched from UD OZ pallet, gold/copper color is The Body Shop shadow in 08 ( discontinued) but their new shadows in 210 or 201 are both similar. 
Mascara: Loreal carbon black original 
Tightened: with 24/7 pencil from UD in Zero

Blush/Contour and Highlight :

Blush : Dandelion from Benefit
Bronzer : Benefits' Hoola and Annabelle Sun kissed bronzer
Highlight : Benefit's WATTS UP !! 

Lips : Nars in Cruella and little Theodora from OZ pallet 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Almay One coat Multi-benefit mascara !


I had a coupon for $2.00 CAN off, so I decided to check this mascara out. I'm a fan of the Almay's Get up and Grow mascara, that one works amazing and gives great results. So far with this one I've been in love it's not as one coat like the Get up and Grow but it is more natural looking on your lashes.  My doctor was a person who suggested this brand to me, because it's not as harsh on the eyes like some mascaras can be. I'm glad he did doesn't add to my itchy eyes that I get in the summer because of my allergies. I would buy this again specially during the spring/summer when my allergies are really bad.


- 4 benefits in 1 mascara ( volume,length,definition and nourished with **keratin)
- 3 shades also in waterproof ( Blackest Black, Black, Black/Brown and Black waterproof)
- Ophthalmologist Tested ( Safe for contact users)
- Hypoallergenic 
- Gives my lashes an amazing look very natural looking
- Doesn't feel to stiff, my lashes don't feel weighed down 
- Easy to take off don't have to do too much rubbing
- Doesn't make your lashes clumpy or spider effect
- Doesn't make your lashes hard keeps them quite soft to the touch


- I wore this mascara for 4+ hours and didn't get all of it when I went to bed. The next morning I didn't have racoon or panda eyes. I had some flaking for the fact that I slept in it, can't fault it at that, around the 3 1/2 hours of wearing it I had some flakes maybe 2. But when I wore it again I didn't have any, think it might had to do something with the weather that day. 
- Wish the wand was more like the Get UP and Grow mascara

**  Is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. It is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Moving update #8 - Settling in

So now that it has been a month now since we moved in the new apartment, wow cant' believe that already! So far I'm loving it I love enjoying being downtown, everything is so close to me either I can ride my bike or walk to places ( I don't drive a car ). Can't wait to start work because it's only going to be no more than a 5 min walk, which will be nice.

Also in our apartment there are so many things todo, so far I've been to the gym and the pool! The pool isn't like back at the house and being "my pool" but it will do, plus it's indoors so it will be nice when it's winter time. There is so much todo they hand out monthly calendars ( see picture below) on what is going on. Sometimes I feel like I'm in an old age home but at least I'm not going to board. 

This is the month of August what is going on in my building.
I'm looking forward when the fire fighters come for obvious reasons lol :P

So far we have changed somethings already we bought a new fridge and stove, because the originals that were here sucked and they said we could buy our own. Think by October we will be settled completely I'm hoping it doesn't take that long, but we are slowly getting threw boxes. Not doing too bad though I still have to tackle my closet still, but I also need to put my organizer in it still as well. Put up my shelves that I still need to put up and small things like that, just to make it even more homey! But for the most part my room is how I want it to stay, think around or after christmas we are thinking about painting. The white walls aren't bothering me but they are just so boring specially from going to painted room to nothing on the walls.Thinking on putting those wall stickers, on my closet doors to give some life to plane sliding doors. I have to find some that I like though, haven't come across any yet. 

Check out more pictures from what is around me go check out last moving post { Here }

Thanks for following this big journey with me !! Have a great weekend

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Neutrogena's beach defence in SPF 70


I love Neutrogena products specially their face care and their sun screen, but in this post we are talking about sun screen. I love their dry touch sun screen, when I saw this one in the store I just had to try it out for myself and compare the 2. This specific one reminds me of old sun screen that my mom use to use on me when I was kid just the smell and formula has the same texture of old school Copper-tone. One thing this has that there other ultra sheer line doesn't is a  kid friendly formula. I think if your a mom you will like this, it comes in a kids 60 and a spray version as well. Also the formula is also 80 min water resistant, which would be great for a day at the splash pad or pool. I used it while cleaning up the gardens before we moved, and I didn't get any in my eyes from sweating. 

* Sorry for odd pictures, still trying to figure out where I can take pictures in the new place *

Pro :
  • Last about 80min of being water resistance  
  • Comes in also 30,60 and a kids 60 SPF with the option of a spray too 
  • Lasted a while with out reapplying less times I have to touch it the better!  
  • Smells like tropical island you want n adult drink in hand smell!!  
  • Absorbs very nicely into the skin, didn't have the greasy feeling  
  • Didn't run into eyes when sweating or in the pool  
  • Formula is on a thinner side, so it takes less time to apply it to skin  
  • Yellow bottle makes it easy for everyone in your house hold to find it 
  • When I did re-apply after being in and out of the pool/beach, I didn't find it hard to reapply. I find that some sun blocks can get slimy or gross after you have applied it one or twice. 


  • I've used some thick sun blocks this took some time on how thin it was, but nothing to concerned how the product over all  
  • Cap gets a little goopy  
  • Would recommend a face block than using this one, think the formulation, would break you out leaning on a oily side.  

Sunday, 31 July 2016

July empties


Wow where did the time go we are almost done the summer, and I almost have to go back to work. With another month ending means empties !! Didn't have too much because of the move and we are still trying to find stuff but I found a couple to give you a post ! The pictures for the next couple of post please bare with me, I'm trying to find places in the new place to take pictures.

Sorry don't mind the odd picture, still trying to figure out lighting and where I can
post in the new place.

Sephora cleansing water-   Love this stuff so much, it gets everything off no problems. Just stick it on a cotton pad and wipe away all the makeup, or even if you just want to give your skin a refreshed start. I used it mostly when I was too lazy to wash my face before bed, that way the make up is off but the easy and less time consuming way. Because less face we have all done it come hope at wee hours of the morning, the first thing you wanna do is stand there and take off all your makeup.  

Sebatian volupt shampoo – I wanted so hard to like this one, really did just wasn't right shampoo for me. When I first got it and first 2 months of this stuff was great. Than it was just blah shampoo, really didn't do anything and it didn't get my hair that clean feeling.  

Hello mojito mint mouth wash -  If you want a vegan/cruelty free and no alcohol, than you will love this. I loved it specially for right after coffee/tea, would just re-fresh my breath. Was it as nice as other mouth washes no but it wasn't bad either 

Tee tree toner from body shop – This stuff a gift from the gods, when I was a teen. Now being in my mid 20’s and getting hormonal break outs, this has helped me once again. You feel everything being soothed and cleaned out, but with making acne worse or spread. The whole line is worth checking into and 2 thumbs up in my books.  

Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen SPF 60  If you read my blogs you know I hate sunscreen with a passion, if I don't have to touch it or put it on the better. But sun is getting stronger and I'm still shade pasty, thought I'd do some hunting on sun screens’. I love Neutrogena sun screen I am willing to put it on and to let it be on my skin. It not greasy or tacky, soaks into your skin. Also it's the only sun screen that is recognized by the cancer society.  

EOS lip ball -  I'm going to get this out of the way, I've never had an issue with these at all. Unlike I've heard of seen in the community, not have had any issues or mould. But as far as the product goes they are my favourite lip products. I also like the packaging, it's easy to find while its in my purse.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Moving update #7

Now that's it's been 2 weeks since we moved, we have a good amount un-packed and settled. Don't get me wrong we are from far being done packing but it's a good start for what we have done. So far I love where we are and we are very happy with the building we moved into. There are so many things we can do around town and in the apartment building itself, I've been to the apartment gym pretty much every other day! Instead of being 25 min away from downtown it only takes me 8 min give or take 10 if I have to wait for lights. 

Recently I just enjoyed the beach with friends which I'd always put on the back burner. Because it would take me so long to get down there and than find them and than walk all the way back home. So it was nice just to be across the street with riding my bike it took me 15min, to meet up with friends at the beach. Back to the apartment living I almost have my room the way I want it, just have 2 more boxes for my main room. Than I have to tackle my closet but I'm not to worried about that one, I've been slowly doing a couple of hours a day. One tip that I found that helped huge for me packing and un-packing, I did one or two boxes a day. I started with the essentials and the stuff I needed packed or unpacked first, carried out from there. Also I shared that with my mom and it helped with the anxiety of packing or un-packing. 

So below I'm showing you my past week !! Let me know any suggestions you guys have on room decorating !! 

This was taken from our beach looking at our downtown core ! 

My room is slowly coming along, still have a lot to do. The layout is what I want, just need to figure out paint
and small details.  { This is from my door when you walk in } 

{ This is from the other corner where my dresser is } OH yeah those 3 doors are closet !!! 


Downtown also !

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sephora Haul


I went to Sephora the other day to check out prices at the Benefit Beauty Bar. Typical can't walk out of there with out something, find it very hard not too like c'mon its like a candy store you try to walk out with nothing but something gets ya! So I was in the look for a new brush and with going through each brand to see what they got or had and watched some that caught my eye. I narrowed it down to this one from Benefit, I know your thinking I'm late on that band-wagon but I just got into the blush game. Never use to wear full face makeup till recently 2 years now, slowly building up my collection.

Of corse there are still others in my wish list that I still need to get my hands on but, this will help my makeup curb for a while ! Any suggestions what products I should try out ?

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 1.5
TARTE Rainforest of the Sea water foundation in light-medium 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thick & Full - Biotin & collagen by Ogx


Decided to try a new drug store shampoo, this brand has been on my list to try. So I was at the Drug store and saw that OGX hair products were on sale, and thought it would be a great way to try it. It took some time to read the whole line and which one I thought was good with my hair, but I think I made the correct choice. I was going in blind with this products line, never heard anything about them or how their products are even with my friends. So far I'm loving this so far I like how this is making my hair feel. 


~ I’ve noticed when I use it I see a difference on how full my hair is, specially in a pony  I have the illusion  of thicker fuller hair.
~ If you have fine hair than get your hands on this, light formula doesn’t weigh down your hair at all. 
~ My hair looks healthy with a good shine to it, feels healthy doesn’t leave a residue.  
~ I find this brand goes on sale a lot in my stores so keep an eye out roughly about $6-10 CAN
~ Nice looking bottle and doesn’t feel like cheap plastic either, you get a good amount of product. 
~ You have a wide range of different types and needs in the OGX line, there is something for everyone and hair type. 
~ Smells decent 


~ I have none for this one, for a drug store shampoo it’s a good one 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Brand spotlight !! - NYX


So the brand we are looking into is NYX which has recently came to Canada. Which I was so happy to know that not only we were getting a store in Toronto but they would be in our Shoppers Drug Marts, which I have a few of those around me where I live. I’ve not gone to a big store of NYX yet but it’s on my list of things todo. Shoppers has a small section dedicated to them, but when I go because it’s so new and everyone is getting their hands on everything. I hate hit and misses on color selection or products, I find that ours doesn’t have a good section of their face products really. It’s mostly their shadows and their lip products but recently saw some of their brow products making there way into our stores. So I think we will be seeing a bigger section of them well I’m hoping and fingers crossed! I will bold the font of the shades so you can easily find what shades match with the picture ! 

So let get into our little brand feature, let me know what you have tried and let me know what is worth trying from them! 

Liquid Suede - These are right now my favourite for longevity, they last a long time on my lips I've worn them for about 5 hrs. By than they are slowly wearing down in the middle and where my lips touch together but nothing crazy. I find trying to get these off is difficult I have to use makeup remover to get them off with out making a huge mess all over my face. These are drying to a degree I find them drying after wearing them for about 3 hrs, but that's understandable. The 2 shades are Cherry Skies and Tea and Cookies - If your looking more for in-depth look on these click here 

Xtreame lip cream - I like these but i don't like these it's a love hate relation. They just don't sit on my lips well for my liking but the formula is great. It's one of those I wish I loved them more than I do, I love the shades that I got just can't get myself to wear them more than my others in my collection. Also I don't like fussing over my makeup and these I would, have to take with me to re-apply and that's not my thing really. The shades here are Absolute Red and Buttery Nude 

Soft Matte - If your looking for something in between the Xtreame and the Suede's, these are perfect for you. I had the lady at the drug store recommended these to me and I'm so glad she did because I love them. I only have the shade Prague right now but I will be getting more of these. They are still a matte but they are more comfortable on the lips. They don't wear as long as the suedes do but I can get about 3 hrs of wear before they start fading on me. I know when this does fade on me I do have a pretty stain on my lips, so lean towards the darker shades if you don't like fussing with your makeup like me through out the night or day.  

*Lip liner ( nude/pink  pencil ) - This is my favourite formula they are so buttery and they don't tug at my lips. They have a great tip on them so it's easy to line my lips, also they make a good barrier to follow. I'm hoping to add more to my collection but I needed a nude/pink liner. In the shade Bed- Rose 

* Also these 2 liners are my first time using liner so bare with product thoughts, still need to find ones I like rather that be high end or drug store. 

*Lip liner retractable - Unlike the original pencil type this isn't my favourite the formula is on the dryer side and not so much a nice tip on this one and it pulls a little when applying. Also you get less product so if you're looking for more I'd stick to the pencil type, this one would be good if you wanted to travel with it or take it along with you. Shade Red 

Eye shadow in Bedroom Eyes -  Now this shadow caught my eye from the begging, even though this shade makes up all of my shadows I own I just needed another :P. You can't have too many taupe/browns in your collection, but this is something different. I love how buttery this is so smooth and has a tad of a metallic finish to them.  Click here to find more about this shadow I did pro's and con's about this shade here.